We are a group of students from the PZ2 SOMSIT school in Oświęcim, who decided to combine their passion with the needs of tourists visiting the beautiful town of Oświęcim and its surroundings. Our project was created to help tourists find the most interesting places in the Oświęcim poviat area and move around easily.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive knowledge base of tourist attractions in the Oświęcim Poviat to make travelling around our area even more rewarding and full of unforgettable experiences. We are a team of enthusiasts who devote their time and energy to prepare the best suggestions of places worth seeing for tourists.

We are also interested in providing information about transport in our area to help tourists get around the Oświęcim district with ease. Our work is based on commitment and passion, so we do our best to make our project as reliable and helpful for tourists as possible.

We are open to questions, suggestions or comments, so please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in our project and we wish you an unforgettable travel experience!


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