Castle in Oświęcim

The castle in Oświęcim is a beautiful monument located in the city centre, right next to the Soła river. It is one of the city’s most important monuments and has an interesting but very turbulent history.

Today, the castle is home to a museum depicting the city’s rich history, as well as hosting numerous events and historical projects. It is worth visiting the castle to learn about its rich past and to take part in one of the initiatives organised there.

The basis of the museum’s exhibition is an exhibition telling the complex history of the castle, which will interest young and old alike:) But that’s not all! At present, you can also take an interactive tour of the castle – through underground tunnels inside the castle hill and take part in the interactive “Game for Independence”. The youngest visitors will certainly appreciate this part of the exhibition.

The castle tower, the oldest surviving part dating back to the 13th century, served initially as a defensive element and later as a prison. Nowadays, it is the most beautiful vantage point in Oświęcim, from which you can admire the nearby towns – an amazing view, especially in summer and spring.

In addition, the Town Hall Museum on the Oświęcim market square is also worth mentioning. There, you can find descriptions of events in the history of Oświęcim, from the beginning of the settlement to the present day. It is an opportunity to experience a fascinating adventure in stylised interiors with lots of exhibits from different eras.

Phone number: +48 33 842 44 27
Address: ul. Zamkowa 1, 32-600, Oświęcim