Route from train station to the centre of Oświęcim by bus

If you are planning a visit to Oświęcim, it is worth knowing that a good way of transport is to use public transport. This form is fast, cheap, comfortable and ecological.

The buses most often departing towards the centre have the numbers 3, 27, 28. You can check the departure time in the OnTime and JakDojadę applications. Other available lines are visible on the screen. You can also select some of the directions of line 1 departing from the stop closer to the station.

You can also check departure times on timetables hanging at the stops and on the electronic board, which is located at most stops.

To ride the bus, you need to buy a ticket. You can do this in the mPay and moBILET mobile applications. Another convenient way is to buy a ticket at the ticket machine at the bus stop or on the vehicle.

For journeys within the city of Oświęcim you need a ticket for one municipality, the former. Choose a normal or reduced ticket. Choose the number of tickets. Choose the form of payment – you can pay by card or coins. If you choose to pay by card, put the card in the reader, if you pay with coins, put them in the slot. The machine will give you change. Once you have made your payment, the machine will issue your ticket and any change.

You will need to punch your paper ticket as soon as you board the bus or, after purchase, inside the vehicle. You will do this by placing the ticket in the ticket counter. The journey will take less than 10 minutes.

MZK buses have screens on which you will see the names of the next stops. The vehicles include many facilities for the disabled – voice announcements, a low floor with a drop down ramp and specially designated seats.

The stop closest to the centre is Dąbrowskiego Kościół. It is the first one after crossing the soła river and after passing the castle. Press the stop button to signal that you want to get off.

Once you get off, it’s only a few steps to the Market Square, the Castle or the Jewish Centre from Cafe Bergson. You will also find many interesting cafés and restaurants.